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Lynda Hopkins - Owner (Boise)

Massage therapist since 2003
Esthetician since 2005
Licensed practical nurse since 2011

Teresa Steele (Eagle)

Originally from Philadelphia, P.A., I have lived in Idaho since September 2003. I've traveled all over the world as that's what happens when your in the military! We loved Idaho so much, we decided to stay! After my military commitment, I went back to school to pursue my nursing career. I currently am a Licensed Practical Nurse. Although I love nursing, I decided to further my career in a way I feel I can help the whole person, both physically and mentally. I graduated from Milian Institute as a licensed Massage Therapist. I'm able to use my medical background knowledge in Massage Therapy that I feel benefits the ultimate outcomes of why many people get a massage. It's so rewarding to see someone leave with less pain and stress than when they first walk in the door. My goal is help you! In my spare time, I enjoy reading, camping, fishing, running, exercise, and pretty much anything that involves being outdoors enjoying this awesome state we live in!

Jon Buffington - Clinic Administrator (Eagle)

Massage is an extremely underrated, under-utilized, and super-effective tool to promote well-being, heal the body, and help people move better as they live life.

I grew up in Boise, went to undergrad at the University of Idaho, and lived in Chicago for half a decade before moving back to the Treasure Valley.  

I've been a licensed massage therapist for 6 years.  I graduated from the Milan Institute in 2012, and I'm a member of ABMP.

People are amazing, and I love doing massage.  My client base is extremely diverse, and consists of athletes of all levels, grandmas, corporate desk warriors, moms, super hereos, and next-door neighbors.

I am a great deep tissue, structural and sports rehab therapist.  I like using heat and medi-cupping to help maximize release for clients, and am passionate about massage.  

I really excel at customizing a session and devising treatment programs to fit clients' needs, and always make it a priority to meet you where you're at.  

When I'm not doing massage, you'd find me hanging out with my awesome family, doing theatre, improv and stand up comedy, and obsessively following the Da Bears.

Katelyn Van Loo (Eagle)

I graduated from the prestigious school of Utah College of Massage Therapy in Lindon, UT with over 900 hours of schooling and clinic hours and a 4.0 GPA. I customize my modalities and technique to fit each and every client. Every person is different therefore no two massages will ever be the exact same. My favorite modalities are medium to deep tissue and Trigger Point while still having a relaxing Swedish technique.

My goal for every session is to make you feel better than when you came in. Your pain probably didn’t come overnight and it won’t be solved overnight but if you allow me the chance, I would love to see how I can help you to relieve your pain and discomfort. Whether you’re looking for pain relief, relaxation or would like to experience your first massage, I would love to be a part of that experience. Let’s start a new you today!

Suley Giddens (Eagle)

It has been three years since graduating from the Institute of Therapeutic Massage in New Jersey and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It has been extremely rewarding to have been able to bring individuals the care and wellness one deserves; both physically and mentally.

I would describe my techniques as a mixture of of Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques. I’ve got the gentle, calming touch, however, not without the precise firmness required to aliviate and manage muscle aches and tensions.
Outside of Massage, you can find me in music festivals, hiking/exploring the outside world, or working with animals.

Rachele Kershner (Eagle)

Everyday I get to go to work and do what I'm passionate about. I get to help people work through pain, old and new injuries, recover from surgery and even preventative health. With the knowledge I have obtained and the skills I have learned, I get to help people feel better. Not only do I remember each of them for their ailments, kind words, and their stories; I get to meet people who go through transformations. I see people when they are having good and bad days. I am always growing and learning and becoming better so when someone comes to see me, they get the best massage I can offer for their needs. 

I would describe my technique as deep tissue and incorporate trigger point when it's necessary.  If you come to me and ask me to work neck, back and shoulders, that is what you are going to get. When you are uncomfortable with having your feet worked on, I won't go near them. I want you to feel comfortable and listened to. Massage therapy has always been my passion. I graduated from Milan in Boise, Idaho in April 2008 and am lucky to have found my purpose and be able help others. 


James Beall (Eagle)

I was born in Salt Lake City and spent most of my life in Utah. I am well traveled, having driven trucks in  the 48 continental states. Several challenges led me into this pathway as a bodyworker.

One of my most difficult challenges was being my mother’s full-time caregiver. She was displaying signs of Alzheimer disease, and needed to be looked after. In the space of three years I learned that it’s possible to love and care for someone who doesn’t know who you are, who doesn’t often appreciate you, and does not have the will or the capacity to express thanks.

I met my wife in Boise and when she was struck with some physical challenges, we spent lots of time with physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and specialists. At home, I found myself rubbing her sore spots, providing temporary relief. My wife decided that I had a healing touch, and suggested I could develop it, as a profession.

I attended Milan Institute Of Massage Therapy in Nampa, Idaho. I passed the MBLEx, and received my license as a Massage Therapist in 2015. My bodywork specialties are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Chair, and Prenatal Massage.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and baby boy.

Aaron Carr (Eagle)

Working with people to help them be their best selves has taken many forms throughout my life. Musician, medical chaplain, and now massage therapist, seeing positive change in the lives I touch has always been my greatest reward. Throughout my whole life I practiced meditation and Aikido, a Japanese martial art similar to Chinese Tai Chi.

I understand much of the world through touch and breath and that has meant great things for all modalities of massage. I work deep smart, rather than deep hard, approaching muscle systems and using lower impact deeper effect techniques whenever I can avoid force. Deep means slow and inclusive. I enjoy Trigger Point work active resistance stretches to improve range of motion. Again, I love working with people to help them feel better, if that means I need to learn and grow with your treatment, I will. Every client is worth  mt best effort at each session and working with their treatment system.

When not working on others I spend time with my wife preparing to adopt an infant, or with my five brother-in-laws, ranging from age ten through twenty-five, playing anything from video games and table top  games, to imagining we are hunting ghosts.

Nicole Houk (Eagle)

I attended the Tri-City School of Massage in Kennewick, Washington which consisted of 570 hrs. of schooling, 150 practice massages, and a case study. I also passed the MBLex (Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination) to receive my Massage Practitioner License in the State of Washington. I have been a licensed Massage Therapist for 9 ½ years and received my license in Idaho in 2015 when my family and I decided to move here. The type of massages I perform are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, and Hot Stone while incorporating  a variety of techniques such as: skin rolling, acupressure points, trigger points, reverse trigger pointing, contrast therapy of hot and cold, reflexology on the feet, and aromatherapy into each session. It all depends on the needs of the client and their expectations. I love to learn new techniques to further my education and help my client’s needs. My ultimate goal for each and every session is to decrease the amount of pain/stress a person comes in with. I am a very caring and professional Massage Therapist that would love to help you become more pain/stress free!

In my off time, I’m a dedicated wife and mother of two children which I homeschool. We enjoy being active with gardening, bicycling, motorsports, hiking, and fishing.

Rachel Maka (Boise)

I am originally from Gilbert Arizona but my love for the four seasons have kept me here in Boise for the last 5 years.

I graduated massage school from Maui Academy of the Healing Arts in 2009. From there I went on to get my bachelors degree in Human Movement with an Emphasis in Exercise Science. I have a love of anatomy and answering the question; “What can be done to help improve quality of life?”

Over my career as a massage therapist I have worked on people from all walks of life.  I use Deep Tissue, Swedish, PNF stretching, Trigger Point Therapy, and Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian Massage) to help improve flexibility, and to provide relaxation and healing for my clients. I also work with clients to customize a plan that will meet their needs and goals for each session.

When I am not massaging I am a Mother of 3 energetic boys. My husband and I love to do all kinds of activities with our little family ranging from sports to camping to a night at the movies. I love spending my time with my loved ones regardless of the activity.

I am happy to be here in Boise and am excited and ready to serve the community through Massage and BodyWork.
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