Idaho Massage Has Been Bringing You Affordable Wellness Since 2013!

We keep our prices affordable by offering our clients the ease of online booking. No receptionists, clinic manager or bosses jacking up your massage prices, just you, our booking site and your massage therapist.
Idaho massage is owned and operated by massage therapists. All of our therapists are independent contractors. This means that each therapist at Idaho Massage is able to independently provide professional services based on their unique massage expertise and to customize services to meet our 
clients’ needs. No large corporation getting in the way, telling us how to do our jobs and stifling our ability to give you exactly the kind of massage you want. Each therapist specializes in different modalities of massage and offers a different range of services and massage types.

Idaho Massage Memberships

Now we know memberships are not for everyone, but if you love massage as much as we do, you can become an Idaho massage member for just $49 a year. Our memberships are valid January 1st through December 31st.
We keep our standard massage rates low and affordable, but if you are a regular massage enthusiast, then our membership is the way to go! Our Idaho Massage members save at least $10 on every massage.
Massage should not just be viewed as a reward for your body, massage should be part of your regular wellness plan.
help alleviate stress, anxiety, depression or even insomnia. For all of these reasons we strive to provide the best massage possible at the most affordable rate possible.
*Memberships are per person, non transferable, non refundable. Memberships rates are valid on massage bookings, not gift cards. Memberships expire December 31st of every year.
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