Lynda Hopkins - Owner (Boise)

Massage therapist since 2003
Esthetician since 2005
Licensed practical nurse since 2011


John is an accomplished massage therapist as well as an instructor of massage therapy. John has been practicing massage therapy since 2017. Overtime, John has learned and studied a variety of massage and bodywork modalities and holds certifications in Traditional Thai Massage (floor), Sports Massage. Gua Sha/Scraping, Cupping, and Deep Tissue.


John is a former Personal Trainer and after graduating massage school, he pursued further studies in Sports Massage in order to expand his knowledge and skills to work with athletes and active people. Further, John spent time in Chiang Mai, Thailand where he studied Traditional Thai Yoga Massage and offers this unique, ancient style of massage for people to experience. The style of John's work depends on the client's wants, needs, and other factors. Generally speaking, John's work can be described calming, therapeutic, thorough, strategic, and firm to deep pressure. His objective is to create a positive change in the client's body and mind and typically incorporates cupping, scaping, stones while blending modalities.


Apart from massage work, John loves to be in nature and enjoys traveling, hiking, hot springs, and has a passion for education and learning. He regularly practices Qigong, Bikram Yoga, breathwork, and has studied Karate and Taekwondo. 



Hi, my name is Ari. I believe that massage is a great alternative method of wellness and healing. I have a strong drive to help people enhance and restore physical and emotional restoration through massage therapy. I hope to see you soon and offer you serenity through massage. ?
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