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I graduated from the prestigious school of Utah College of Massage Therapy in Lindon, UT with over 900 hours of schooling and clinic hours and a 4.0 GPA. I customize my modalities and technique to fit each and every client. Every person is different therefore no two massages will ever be the exact same. My favorite modalities are medium to deep tissue and Trigger Point while still having a relaxing Swedish technique.

My goal for every session is to make you feel better than when you came in. Your pain probably didn’t come overnight and it won’t be solved overnight but if you allow me the chance, I would love to see how I can help you to relieve your pain and discomfort. Whether you’re looking for pain relief, relaxation or would like to experience your first massage, I would love to be a part of that experience. Let’s start a new you today!


Able Body Massage Therapy - Biography for Marietta (Marita) Kerby www.ablebodymassagetherapy.com

Marietta (Marita) Kerby has over 30+ years experience graduating from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy and a member of AMTA since 1990.

Marietta's specialties include:
  • Trigger Point  
  • Sports Massage
  • Orthopedic Massage
  • Myofascial Release and other deep tissue modalities incorporating stretching and movement in her work
  • Relaxation and pregnancy massage
Also offering:  Cold Laser, Ionic Foot Bath

Marietta has extensive injury and chronic pain experience:
  • Automobile Injuries
  • Sports Injuries
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • TMJ, Fibromyalgia, etc.
15 years on Ride the Rockies Massage Team, Bicycle Tour of Colorado Massage Team, Right Touch Chair Massage for Taste of Colorado and People’s Fair.

On a personal note she spends a lot of time in the gym and on her bike.  She enjoys reading and theater and is a volunteer mediator for Boise’s small claims court.


My name is Josiah, and it has always been my dream to make a difference. Many people have come into my private practice and I have always strived to provide the best care for each of their individual needs. I believe that making a difference starts with people, so my goal has been to help each person who walks into my studio feel the best that they possibly can.

I have been working for myself up until this point and while I love running my own business, it tends to take too much time away from my wife and dog, so reaching out to Idaho Massage was the most amazing opportunity for me! This atmosphere allows me to watch more Netflix with my wife, mountain bike with my dog, and will also help me to further pursue my favorite hobby, blacksmithing! I hope to meet you in-person soon!



Hello there! My name is Taylor and I welcome you to Remède. Myotherapy remedies designed for you to treat and heal your body naturally! I have been a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist for 9 years now. With over 1200 hours of training I graduated from a private medical school in San Diego, where I was drilled with Human Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, and Kinesiology. I started my massage career training with and working alongside Reiki Masters, PT/PTAs, Chiropractors, Naturalpaths, and Holistic Health Practitioners. I will always have the deepest of gratitude for my teachers.

As in life, I devote every ounce of love and care into all my sessions, leaving you feeling renewed to the fullest extent. My goal for each treatment is to target your specific needs and concerns to address the root cause of your symptoms you are facing. Each massage is Taylor-made for you and your bodies needs in the moment. I can perform any pressure you desire from soothing Swedish/Lomi-Lomi, to Deep Therapeutic work. I use a wide range of techniques and modalities such as; Polarity, Craniosacral Therapy, Neuromuscular Techniques, Lymphatic Drainage, Trigger Point Therapy, Hot Stone Therapy, Aromatherapy, Cupping Therapy, Rolfing, Active/Passive Assisted Stretching, Pre/Post event Sports Massage, Cold Therapy, and Injury Prevention education. 

I’ve helped many people in their recovery from daily stress, fatigue, as well as chronic and acute pain. Over time, I have increased general over-all well being and quality of life for my clients.

“If you work with your hands, you are a laborer.
If you work with your hands and your head, you are a craftsman.
If you work with your hands, your head, and your heart; you are an artist.


As a licensed massage therapist for the past 16 amazing years, I’m deeply rooted in helping the lives that I touch. I’m extremely passionate about what I do and that has not waivered since I received professional body work during my marathon training twenty years ago. It is that experience that pathed the way to my career as a licensed massage therapist. I am trained in Myofacial Release, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Some Reflexology and Thai Massage. I look forward to taking this journey together and being a part of your health care needs.


Relaxation, Tranquility, Progress

Whether you want to ease your mind or work out the knots that are replacing your shoulders with your ears - I can do them both.

With a mixture of Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Swedish, and other various techniques, we can achieve balance. I have the gentle, intuitive, calming touch, and the precise firmness required to aliviate and manage muscle aches and tension.
Since graduating from the Insitute of Therapeutic Massage (Bloomfield,NJ, 2015) it has been extremely rewarding to have been able to bring individuals the care and wellness one deserves; both physically and mentally.

In this busy, hectic world, take the time to slow down time, feel rejuvenated, and ready to take on what's next.

Outside of massage you can expect to find me lost in music, in the outside world, and daydreaming about the ocean.


I have been a Certified Practicing Massage Therapist in Idaho since 1997. I went to massage school under Gayla Nickel, who was a founder of the National Certification exam for massage therapists and sat on the Idaho Licensing Board.

Over the years, I have branched out to learn many different modalities. My primary experience has been in assisting women in pre natal massage/labor support and infant massage. Through later giving birth to my own 8 children, my intuition in practicing massage was enhanced. My primary modalities are Swedish, Medical Massage and Structural Muscular-Balancing, along with a strong emphasis in energy healing techniques gained through my instruction in my advanced kinesiology certification. I give clients the added option of using
1- visualization energy release( certified hypnotist)
2-foot zone therapy
3- chi machine
4-tuning forks
3- hot stone
5-aroma therapy
I am very skilled in helping create a long term healing plan for my clients and addressing chronic pain and trauma recovery.

I am a volunteer for a child’s rights organization and teach couples, prenatal and infant massage classes through community education and outreach at birth centers and hospitals throughout the Treasure Valley. I would love to see a world where more of our youth receive regular professional massages. I was 17 when I received my first therapeutic massage and wished it would have been sooner! I look forward to helping your family discover wholistic healing through massage and body work and energy releasing freedom and peace.


Roger has been massaging since 2001.  He specializes in orthopedic massage. He has an estimated 3000 hours of orthopedic massage experience. He has helped clients reduce and eliminate chronic and acute muscle pain in the neck, shoulder, upper and lower back as well as many other areas.  Orthopedic massage balances and aligns the muscles which leads to longer lasting results.  He has been trained by some of the top teachers in the nation such as James Waslaski, and Erik Dalton. His love of learning has led him to be educated as a personal trainer with a specialty in corrective exercise.  This training has enhanced his knowledge of how the muscles work together and enhanced his orthopedic massage skills.  He looks forward to helping you reduce or eliminate your muscle pain as well as help prevent muscle injury.


Hi, my name is Tunde and I’ve been a massage therapist for a decade now. I graduated from Milan institute in 2011 with a passion to help people feel better in their bodies and I believe that prevention is the key in our health. From stress comes a lot of illness and if we can find a way to ease and slow-down in our everyday life and enjoy the little things it will help achieve the big goals in our life. I 100% believe good health comes from our everyday choices to care for yourself in a way that de-stresses you. Do the things in life that you enjoy and helps you achieve your goals as well. Here for you if you’re hurting with muscle soreness and will help you feel your best every time! Show you some stretches you can do at home in between appointments to keep you going.

I specialize in aromatherapy and Swedish relaxing massage, deep tissue and trigger point therapy. Hot stone massage and couples massages are always my favorite.

Also recently graduated from Paul Mitchell Boise with a cosmetology license and I’m able to provide you with a facial massage treatment. If you love a massage and facial combo book an appointment and let me relax and unwind you. I use organic products that are beneficial for your skin care. Facial treatments take about 30-45 minutes customized to your specific needs. Come and get a nice treatment to keep you in good health, because you deserve it! I’d love to be able to help you!


I’m Polly, certified Massage Therapist since 1994. I believe in a whole body in balance approach. To me, massage therapy is about respecting the body providing deep muscle therapy without causing more inflammation . Clients leave with less tension in their bodies promoting relaxation this is the beauty of Massage Therapy. My recent continuing education includes Safe and Effective Deep Tissue Techniques, Orthopedic Massage for the Shoulder.


Hi! My name is Kristy! I am a Carrington College graduate and a Washington state native. My family and I moved here almost 10 years ago, we just love Idaho!

Believe it or not, I LOVE being a massage therapist! I was a personal trainer for over 5 years before I transitioned into massage therapy, so the transition to massage therapy was super easy. My clients mean the world to me. I love to take care of each clients individual needs. Everyone is different and I love to meet people at their level.

My favorite modalities are deep tissue/ stress relief, relaxation, and hot stones!

When I am not massaging I am spending time with my husband, my three teenage kids and my dogs. I love spending time outside and on my peloton. I love to exercise!

Let me know how I can help you out.

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